A great way to shower some love on your Valentine, this delicious strawberry mousse is easy to make and too good to resist!


  • 450 Ml Milk
  • 90 Gram Butter
  • 55 Gram Egg yolk
  • 14 Gram Gelatine
  • 250 Ml Strawberry puree
  • 450 Ml Double cream
  • 100 Gram Sugar


  1. Boil milk and butter.
  2. Fold in egg yolk & sugar mix and thicken the mix on stove with morris.
  3. Add the softened gelatine and mix well.
  4. Pour strawberry puree to above mix.
  5. Chill the mix over ice cold bath and in the mean time whisk double cream to semi-whip stage.
  6. Once the mix is cold fold in double cream.
  7. Pour the mix in desired rings already lined with sponge sheet.
  8. Freeze them overnight.
  9. Cover them with red mirror glaze and garnish with Chantilly and chocolate disc.